Famous carving Dandi Li Zhenghai: Dreaming as a horse builds a "villa" world with temperature and life

The designer is an aesthetician of life. An empty box made of reinforced concrete is transformed into a warm home of dreams through their clever hands. In the environment of rapid success, there are still a group of designers who are not only pursuing a house stacked with price symbols, but they want to create a new lifestyle for each customer. The famous carving Dandi Li Zhenghai is one of them. .

Recently, Sina Furnishing walked into the famous carving Dandy and interviewed the design director Li Zhenghai to understand his design approach. ---- Reprinted from Sina Home

Design Director-Li Zhenghai

National Senior Villa Designer

National Registered Senior Interior Architect

Member of International Building Interior Design Association (ICDA)

Director of Designers Union of Guangdong Decoration Industry Association

2016 Lingnan Cup Elite Interior Designer

Member of Shenzhen Interior Design Association

Shenzhen Outstanding Interior Designer

Li Zhenghai team

     A designer who wants to be a painter

"In fact, my earliest dream was to be a painter, not a designer." When talking about the origin of interior design, Li Zhenghai said so openly.

20岁之前他都在画画,可以说是非常热爱。 He said that he was drawing before 20 years old, and it can be said that he was very passionate. When he first entered university to study interior design, he co-organized a painting club with his classmates and held a personal art exhibition, which not only received praise from teachers and classmates, but also caused a good response. It is also this experience and later on interior The in-depth contact of design allowed him to better understand himself, and realized that painting was not enough to express all of his heart. "The painter is more about expressing the free soul and story in his heart, and the designer doesn't stop there. He can also express the story of others." For Li Zhenghai, the interior design allowed him to find his true destination. Of course, he also said with a smile: Even if he has not been a "painter" for many years, painting is still his greatest hobby.

I have heard people in the industry say that art is the cornerstone of design, and the accomplishment of a designer is not high. The key is to watch the cornerstones work. Li Zhenghai's design road proves this very well. Thanks to the foundation of painting for many years, he was hired by a well-known company in China just after graduating from university, and began his design journey for more than ten years. Today, he is already a national senior villa design director who has won many design awards, and he will continue to advance on this path of artistic practice.


生活 中感悟温暖家 Scorpio man who resembles Virgo feels warmth from home

For the first time, designer Li Zhenghai gave a kind and courteous, warm and warm feeling, which can be called a warm man. However, when encountering design problems, the owner often calls Li Zhenghai a "perfectionist". He often uses obsessive-compulsive disorder to describe himself. Although not a Virgo, he will pursue the ultimate in details.

As the team's design director, Li Zhenghai has strict requirements on team members, and strives to make the project the best from the details. “他是一个很让人佩服的设计师,对细节的要求非常严谨,这一点对我们也是以严格的标准要求,是十足的处女座。在生活中则是一个很正能量、阳光的人,他对工作和生活的不同态度也影响着我们。” Team members have commented on Li Zhenghai "He is a very admirable designer and has strict requirements for details. This is also a strict Virgo requirement for us. It is a very positive energy in life. , Sunny people, his different attitudes towards work and life also affect us. "

"Ru loves life, and understands design fate." Design comes from life and is higher than life. “源”,会得到更多答案。 Li Zhenghai has always insisted that design needs to return to life, and looking for the "source" of design in multiple dimensions will get more answers. “旅者”,旅行、观察生活中的一草一木、沉浸绘画世界,这些都是李征海的常态。 As a design "traveler", traveling, observing the grass and trees in life, and immersing in the world of painting, these are the normal conditions of Li Zhenghai.

" Each different life experience is a kind of practice. Enjoying the collision of different lives and injecting fresh inspiration into the design can create a work with temperature. "

让别墅传承家文化 Give design life and let the villa inherit the family culture

The villa owners have high personal qualities and pursuits, and have higher requirements for design. As a designer, in addition to the standard professional skills, it is the most important thing to understand and realize the owner's ideal home. In Li Zhenghai's eyes, the ideal state of the home is to give positive energy, life and soul.

What is a living design?这个生命其实是一种由内而外散发的气场,体现在外是舒缓的天然生态材料和设计语言;展现于内则是真正落实到 '人文设计'中去。将业主的气质、家族特点融入其中,让别墅能与人互动,从而具有生命的特性 He gave the answer: " This life is actually an aura that radiates from the inside to the outside, which is reflected in the soothing natural ecological materials and design language; when it is displayed inside, it is truly implemented into the" humanistic design . " The owner's temperament and family characteristics are integrated into it, so that the villa can interact with people and have the characteristics of life. "

Life is not enough for a work, and it should be passed on. As a member of the famous carving Dandy, Li Zhenghai believed that a villa should be able to record the family's imprint after the temperature of life. "For example, the family members of ancient families in China, and some nobles in the West, their" home "has a profound family culture. This is a direction we are pursuing, so that each owner ’s home not only has life and stories, but also It can be a carrier of family cultural heritage, and it has been passed down to future generations. "

也要回归初心 Design must go international and return to its original intention

With the rapid development of China, it is also in line with international standards in design. Just as the current design advocates the elimination of complexity and simplicity, returning to nature, the domestic design trend is also developing in this area. Regarding this phenomenon in the current design world, Li Zhenghai also put forward his own opinions.

"Future design, including villa design megatrends, is returning to simplicity and naturalness. But what impressed me the most in more than ten years of design life is that good works cannot be judged only by popular eyes, but more depends on Does it have feelings? Give each space rich emotions so that it can not only carry emotions but also express emotions. This is also the original intention of the design, not to design for the design, but to create a unique one according to the characteristics of each owner Home, make home spiritual. "



设计,不仅是一个名词,更是一个动词,它能创造“世界”,在与设计总监李的沟通中就能发现,设计对于他不仅是对于梦想的追逐,更是为了能通过双手为人筑家。 Conclusion: Design is not only a noun, but also a verb. It can create a "world". It can be found in the communication with design director Li that design is not only a pursuit of dreams for him, but also for being a person with both hands. Build a home. And the design director Li's "The design must go back to the world, and the idea of returning to its original intention also touched the author. This is probably why design always brings surprises."


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