Famous carving Dandi Yang Mingzhao: build "villa of life" with champion spirit

“竞技体育到了最顶尖级别,拼的都是智慧”。 I have seen a sentence evaluating the reelection champion: "At the highest level of competitive sports, all fight is wisdom." Yes, only with the mentality of the champion, can we stride like a champion, embark on a journey like a champion, and be ambitious.




“舶来品” ,人们对生活品质要求越提升,别墅装饰设计也越来越趋向以“生活价值”和“生活需求”为导向,现代居室的空间设计,像是对一个人内涵和气质的重塑与再现。 The villa in China is an “exotic product”. As people ’s requirements for quality of life increase, the decoration design of villas is more and more oriented to “living value” and “living demand”. The design of the space of a modern living room is like a connotation for one person. Reconstruction and reproduction of temperament. With 13 years of ingenuity, Dandi Villa Decoration Design Institute has gathered a group of elite designers who have won awards in the international, Asia-Pacific and national regions, and formed a top-level professional design team to provide high-end decoration for villa spaces and private clubs. service. Advocate new concept of villa decoration, and lead the new villa space with seven industry-leading "Villa of Life" service systems: life health system, building space planning system, garden landscape system, energy circulation system, comfort system, taste system, heritage system trend.

·新生 Villa · New Life

Hsinchu is higher than old bamboo branches, and it is supported by old stems.

Next year, there will be freshmen, ten grandsons and grandchildren go around Fengchi.

——Zheng Ye · "Hsinchu"


“名师手笔,雕琢万家”,定位中大户型、豪宅设计专家,昔日楼王豪宅口碑相传,热议“名雕现象”。 Have you ever remembered whether "the famous teacher wrote and carved ten thousand homes", positioning experts in the design of large and medium-sized houses and luxury homes? Over the past 20 years, focusing on professional service and quality heritage has made Mingdiao famous all over the world, and also made Mingdiao more firmly to build a corporate mission of "decorating the villa of life and inheriting cultural classics".


3月,丹迪别墅装饰设计院竞选新任院长,在期待与惊喜之中,一直有“冠军”之名的80后新锐设计师杨明钊脱颖而出,成功以设计实力当选为名雕丹迪设计院院长。 In March of this year , Dandi Villa Decoration Design Institute was elected for the new president. Among the expectations and surprises, the 80-year-old emerging designer Yang Mingzhao, who has always been a "champion", stood out and was successfully elected as the famous carving Dandy Design Institute with design strength Dean. Promoted from the branch manager to the president of the famous sculpture Dandy Design Institute. In the face of the challenge, Dean Yang looked far away. "I hope that the task is not far away. I will continue to practice and carry forward the spirit of the champion of the famous sculpture. Dandi's pursuit of quality. "It is such a bold and outspoken new dean, a paranoid for the ultimate quality" perfectionism ". He infects and spurs the people around him with his love and persistence in design. growing up.

Yang Mingzhao

Dean of the Famous Dandy Villa Design Institute

Director of Asia Pacific Space Designers Association

Senior Architect, National Interior Decoration Association

Executive Director of Guangdong Designers Association

Vice Chairman of Guangdong Decoration Industry Association

Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Home Furnishing Industry Association

Executive Director of Shenzhen Interior Designers Association


“艺术是生活的升华,设计是艺术的呈现”设计理念。 He has been engaged in villa design for more than ten years, and has rich experience in villa design . He believes that "designers should strike a balance between art and living display, and appropriately design from the user's perspective, resonating with residents."



·工匠 Jian Craftsman


"When you go deep into life, you can contribute to life. Design creation is a disguised feedback after you go deep into life."

人生需要匠人精神 —— " Life needs craftsman spirit "


“精、专、细”的生命之墅七大体系。 The fineness of Swiss clocks and the rigor of German instruments all symbolize the spirit of European craftsmen, and the spirit of craftsmanship in Dandy is reflected in the seven systems of the "Sophisticated, Professional, and Fine" Villa of Life. No. 9 Mansion Villa, Xicheng Villa, City Valley Villa, Yujing Waterfront Villa, Heilong Bay Top Floor Duplex, Dongguan Songshan Lake Villa, Tianlu, Tianqin Bay, Xinghe Dandi, Overseas Chinese Town, Mission Hills Golf ... in charge of Yang Mingzhao In a series of villa projects, he flexibly used the comprehensive villa service system of environment, aesthetics, space, taste and health to provide customers with a unique villa ecosystem, giving the villa a heritage cultural connotation, and letting the mansion Handed down.


Design comes from life and is above life. “我小时候就喜欢看各种各样古老的房子,喜欢研究房屋与周围环境的关系。后来一直学习并从事室内设计行业,也喜欢到处旅游,无论是去到繁华都市还是乡间小道,每一种经历都会有不同的收获,也会激发自己很多不一样的创想。”建筑于他而言有一种不自觉的吸引力,每到一处他都会去研究房屋空间的形态,研究居住空间与自然空间的协调性,了解当地的风土人情,这也是他旅途中最大的乐趣。 Talking about the original intention and source of inspiration of the design, Dean Yang said, "I liked to look at all kinds of ancient houses when I was young, and studied the relationship between the house and the surrounding environment. Later I have been studying and engaged in the interior design industry, and I also like to travel around. Whether you go to a bustling city or a country road, every experience will have different gains, and it will also stimulate many different ideas. "Architecture has an unconscious appeal to him. Everywhere he goes, He will study the shape of the housing space, study the coordination between the living space and the natural space, and understand the local customs and customs, which is also the greatest joy in his journey.


Dedicated to the arts, working on everything, studying the fine lines. “艺术的执着,作品的憧憬,与永无止境的追求。”他说设计是一个枯燥单一的行业,也是一个追求完美的行业,但完美没有尽头,他一直在追求完美的路上。 From Dean Yang, we saw a kind of "persistence in art, longing for works, and endless pursuit." He said that design is a boring single industry, but also an industry in pursuit of perfection, but there is no end to perfection. He has been pursuing perfection.



·珍品 Enjoy treasures


Peng Zuxiao has a long-standing name, and the trunk becomes a forest of Ye Maoshen.
Heroes have been born for generations, and thousands of years will never be rooted.



“人是万物的尺度。”那么,对于家来说,人则是空间的尺度。 The Greek philosopher Protagora once said, "Man is the measure of all things." Then, for home, man is the measure of space. The higher the realm of life, the more you want to measure your home. Not only is it larger and wider, but you must also carry a noble and calm life. You can not only enjoy the measure hidden in the square, but also measure the degree of life. It is also a symbol of status. Therefore, as a container of life, the building can meet the individual needs of the people at the peak. The "custom" home is the heart of the city's nobles.



"When we help clients design villas, we will fully consider his professional characteristics, living habits, personal hobbies, value orientation, cultural accomplishments, etc., and we will also combine their exclusive family emblem, family tree, corporate mascot, family spirit, etc. In terms of refining and extending, we can truly create a villa life form with soul, life, temperament and inheritance for the owner. "Talking about the interesting problems in the design and construction, President Yang told us a case of the owner of the villa , The owner wants to make a bright background wall at home, but the position of this background wall in the home is in a more critical position, not only to satisfy the viewing performance to add space to the space, but also to be able to harmonize with the interior space, Great attention was paid to the effects of this wall. In the end, President Yang extracted inspiration from the family elements of the owner, shattered the glass and penetrated through the special material to form a beautiful texture, and then illuminated it with light, thereby achieving the customer's ideal effect.


·未来 Yue · Future


Longxi Gongfu is famous for its great-grandson.

Jade's new question turned over the list of inks, and the old things of Jinmen paid off.

A thousand parades of poems in the distance march, edited by Gao Zhaiyi.

After reincarnation, ZTE's role model continued to win.

度正 ·《呈晏制干二首》 ——Du Zheng


Design is hidden in space and space is in the humanities. Design must go international and return to its original intention. “别墅设计不是简单的住宅装修,别墅更具有文化品位和内涵,我们 应该开发新的别墅生活方式和价值 ”! Since its inception, Dandy Villa Design Institute has adhered to: "Villa design is not a simple residential decoration, villas have more cultural taste and connotation, we should develop new villa lifestyle and value "! As the industry's weathervane and leader, Dandy Villa Design Institute has been committed to setting new benchmarks in the industry, leading the industry's major mission to continue to develop and innovate, and providing heritage, cultural and unique villas to the apex class Quality lifestyle, let the design return to the true, to the ground.



对一的服务模式, 精选专业的结构师、机电组、园林师、软装师、辅材组、主材组、项目经理、客户经理等,由设计总监统一调度,通过项目负责制 为客户提供全程高度定制的别墅设计施工落地服务。 "Villa owners tend to have higher quality of life and spiritual pursuit. Most of them have a certain level of life experience, taste, insight and aesthetics, and they have higher requirements for the quality of service. The breadth of knowledge, the depth of knowledge, artistic perception, design accomplishment, etc. have higher standards. "In view of this, Dean Yang also stated the future development direction of the famous Dandhi, that is: with a many-to-one service model, Develop an appointment system, monthly limited service customer guarantees the production, and continue to improve the N- to-one service model, select professional structuralists, mechanical and electrical groups, gardeners, soft installers, auxiliary materials group, main material group, project manager, Account managers, etc., are uniformly dispatched by the design director, and provide customers with highly customized villa design and construction landing services through the project responsibility system .


“生命之墅”,让“生命之墅”承载时代和家族的文化基因,一墅风华,世代相传…… Taking quality service as the core and inheriting the "Villa of Life" with the spirit of champion , let the "Villa of Life" carry the cultural genes of the times and the family.


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